How to Resolve Disputes Quickly

How to Resolve Disputes Quickly

Resolve, Amicably, and Inexpensively 

How to Resolve Disputes Quickly

How to Resolve Disputes Quickly

Business in the United Arab Emirates have enjoyed enormous success over the years, though some have dealt with breaches of contract, unpaid receivables, and other compliance issues.

Even the best managed firms face unforeseen problems. those that include arbitration clauses in their contracts can avoid crippling and losses. 

Dubai: The Dubai Real Estate Court recently settled a dispute worth Dh15 billion over setting up a fully-integrated city project between different parties involved in the project.

Our emphasis is on providing pragmatic advice tailored to specific situations, which makes us the natural choice for the work relating to a wide variety of property types, including large development sites, shopping centres and office buildings. We take time to fully understand our clients’ businesses and the wider property market.

Clients also benefit from our pre-emptive commercial advice, which flags up potential future problems. As a first step, we try to avoid disputes and to contain our clients’ costs.

With wide experience of the property market and all types of dispute resolution procedure, we are used to managing many of the largest and most complex multi-party disputes. Working closely with our real estate, insolvency, corporate, projects and finance teams, we provide clients with creative solutions to their business problems, right up to conclusion of a project or dispute.

How to resolve a property dispute in Dubai?

DUBAI The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (Rera) plays an important role in a variety of issues related to the property sector in Dubai. 

Referring disagreements to us helps in several ways, including but not limited to : 

  • Less time-consuming and therefore less expensive to pursue a settlement. 
  • Private proceedings with parties able to engage without the case being publicized.
  • Sessions can be scheduled and concluded more quickly and conveniently.
  • Procedures can be tailored to the specific dispute.
  • Arbitrators can be chosen for special expertise as well as other qualities such as years of experience, qualifications, character, and so on. 



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  1. Whenever you get people with their own ambitions, opinions, status, relationships, roles and motivations, you will get conflict; and that is never more apparent than within an organisation.

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