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Expert Services

Expert Services

Specialist ,Get expert guidance, Plan, implement, Ensure, methodologies, tools, and optimize with the experts for more value—faster.

Expert services offer specialized guidance and support tailored to maximize efficiency and effectiveness in various domains. Whether navigating complex challenges or aiming to enhance performance, these services provide invaluable expertise to streamline processes and achieve optimal outcomes. By partnering with specialists, organizations can access strategic planning and implementation that aligns with their goals, leveraging proven methodologies and advanced tools. This collaborative approach ensures a thorough understanding of unique requirements, leading to customized solutions that deliver tangible results swiftly.

The essence of expert services lies in their ability to provide comprehensive support across different phases of a project or initiative. From initial planning to execution and ongoing optimization, experts offer insights and strategies honed through experience. Their proficiency enables businesses to navigate uncertainties with confidence, mitigate risks effectively, and capitalize on opportunities efficiently. By harnessing the latest innovations and best practices, these specialists empower organizations to stay ahead in competitive landscapes, fostering continuous improvement and sustainable growth.

In essence, expert services epitomize a partnership driven by knowledge, proficiency, and a shared commitment to achieving excellence. They represent a pivotal resource for organizations seeking to enhance their capabilities, accelerate progress, and achieve meaningful results in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

e-basel | Engineering Expertspecialist, authority, resource person.

e-basel Consulting stands as a beacon of expertise and authority in the realm of construction claims, arbitration, and litigation resolution. With over two decades of experience, e-basel has earned a trusted reputation among clients who rely on their specialized services to navigate complex challenges in the construction industry. The firm excels in preparing, analyzing, and resolving construction claims and disputes with meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of industry standards and regulations.

Clients turn to e-basel Consulting not only for their expertise in resolving disputes but also for their role as authoritative figures in forensic analysis within construction projects. Their team of experts conducts thorough investigations to pinpoint liability for issues such as increased costs, reduced labor productivity, defects, and schedule delays. This forensic analysis is crucial for clients and their legal representatives, providing a clear and professional assessment that forms the foundation for strategic decision-making and dispute resolution strategies.

What sets e-basel Consulting apart is their commitment to delivering comprehensive evaluations and expert presentations that are both thorough and persuasive. Their deep industry knowledge and proficiency in methodologies ensure that every aspect of a claim or dispute is meticulously reviewed, allowing for informed and effective resolutions that benefit their clients.

Moreover, e-basel Consulting serves as a valuable resource person for clients seeking guidance and support in navigating the complexities of construction disputes. Beyond resolving immediate issues, they empower clients with insights and strategies to optimize project management practices, minimize risks, and enhance overall project outcomes.

In conclusion, e-basel Consulting not only offers specialized expertise in construction claims and dispute resolution but also serves as an authoritative resource for clients seeking clarity and resolution in challenging circumstances. Their dedication to professionalism, thoroughness, and client-centric service underscores their position as a leader in the field, providing invaluable support to clients across the construction industry spectrum.


Our construction experts assist clients in the following areas:

  • Construction Defects
  • Construction Management
  • CPM Schedule Analysis
  • Litigation & Arbitration
  • Management Consulting

Construction Defects: Our construction experts meticulously analyze and assess construction defects, identifying root causes and determining liability. With a keen eye for detail and extensive industry knowledge, they provide comprehensive evaluations that form the basis for effective remediation strategies and legal proceedings when necessary. Their expertise ensures that clients receive clear, actionable insights to resolve issues promptly and mitigate future risks.

Construction Management: In the realm of construction management, our experts offer strategic guidance and oversight throughout the project lifecycle. From initial planning to final completion, they optimize resource allocation, streamline processes, and ensure adherence to timelines and budgets. Their proactive approach and leadership skills enable them to navigate complexities and challenges, fostering project success and client satisfaction.

CPM Schedule Analysis: Utilizing Critical Path Method (CPM) expertise, our specialists conduct detailed schedule analyses to assess project timelines and dependencies. They identify potential delays, analyze impacts, and provide recommendations to mitigate risks and optimize project scheduling. Their in-depth understanding of CPM methodologies allows them to offer precise evaluations that support informed decision-making and facilitate efficient project execution.

Litigation & Arbitration: In litigation and arbitration settings, our construction experts serve as trusted advisors, providing expert witness testimony, forensic analysis, and dispute resolution support. They excel in preparing thorough documentation, conducting rigorous analyses, and presenting compelling arguments that uphold clients’ positions. Their courtroom experience and technical proficiency ensure that clients receive robust representation and strategic guidance throughout legal proceedings.

Management Consulting: Our management consulting services extend beyond project-specific challenges to encompass broader organizational needs. Our experts collaborate closely with clients to optimize business strategies, improve operational efficiency, and implement best practices. Whether enhancing governance structures, implementing change management initiatives, or advising on strategic growth opportunities, they offer tailored solutions that drive sustainable business performance and competitive advantage.

Expert Witness

What is an Expert Witness?

Let us start by defining the terms ‘expert’ and ‘expert witness’.

An expert witness is an individual who possesses specialized knowledge, skills, or experience in a specific field or discipline, surpassing that of an average person or layman. They are recognized by the legal system and called upon to provide their expertise in legal proceedings, typically in court but also in other judicial or quasi-judicial settings such as tribunals, arbitrations, or official inquiries.

The role of an expert witness is to assist the court or decision-making body in understanding complex or technical matters related to the case at hand. Their primary objective is to present unbiased and objective opinions based on their expertise, aiding the judge, jury, or other legal authorities in reaching a fair and informed judgment.

Expert witnesses can come from various fields, including but not limited to medicine, engineering, forensics, psychology, finance, computer science, and more. Their specialized knowledge and experience allow them to provide insights, analysis, and interpretations that are crucial in comprehending complex issues or evidence presented in court.

When called upon to testify, an expert witness may be asked to offer opinions, explain technical concepts, interpret data, or provide professional judgments based on their field of expertise. They may also be required to prepare reports, conduct experiments or analyses, and engage in cross-examination to support their conclusions and assist the court in understanding the relevant facts and issues.

The selection and acceptance of an expert witness are subject to certain criteria and rules. The court typically considers the witness’s qualifications, professional experience, reputation, and the relevance of their expertise to the case at hand. Expert witnesses are expected to adhere to strict ethical standards, maintain objectivity, and provide opinions that are unbiased and supported by sound reasoning and evidence.

In summary, an expert witness is an individual who possesses specialized knowledge and skills in a particular field and is called upon to provide their expertise to assist the court or other legal bodies in understanding complex issues, analyzing evidence, and reaching informed decisions. Their role is essential in ensuring a fair and just legal process by providing authoritative insights from their respective areas of expertise.

Moreover, an expert witness is paid for the time it takes to:

  • form an opinion and, where necessary,
  • support that opinion during the course of litigation.

 “An expert witness is not paid for the opinion given, and still less for the assistance that opinion affords the client’s case”

 Differing Site Conditions Experts

Differing site conditions, also referred to as changed conditions or concealed conditions, refer to situations where the conditions at a construction site significantly differ from what was originally anticipated at the time of contract formation or as described in the contract documents. These variations can give rise to various types of claims, with subsurface conditions being among the most common.

Subsurface conditions typically involve unforeseen obstacles below the ground, such as underground obstructions, rock formations, or water-related issues. When encountering such unexpected conditions, contractors or project owners may face disputes over liability or contested damages, leading to potential litigation or arbitration proceedings.

In the construction industry, differing site conditions can have significant implications for project timelines, costs, and overall feasibility. The presence of unanticipated subsurface challenges can lead to delays in construction activities, additional expenses for remediation or mitigation, and potential conflicts between project stakeholders.

When faced with differing site conditions, parties involved in a construction project often need to assess the impact of these changes on the contractual obligations, costs, and schedules. This evaluation may involve conducting site investigations, engaging relevant experts or consultants, and negotiating with other project participants to reach an agreement on how to address the unforeseen conditions.

In some cases, parties may need to resort to legal mechanisms, such as litigation or arbitration, to resolve disputes arising from differing site conditions. These legal processes aim to determine the liability for the condition variances and potentially award damages or other remedies to the affected party.

Efficiently managing and addressing differing site conditions is crucial for successful construction projects. It requires proactive planning, clear communication, and thorough contract documentation to minimize the potential impact of unexpected site conditions and mitigate the risk of disputes.

 Common Issues Encountered Relative to Differing Site Conditions Litigation and Arbitration

A variety of issues on a construction project can lead to a claim for differing site conditions. Therefore, it is important to first review the contract to ascertain if certain parties assumed the risk of differing site conditions. In addition, construction contracts may provide entitlement to an equitable adjustment for certain unforeseeable site conditions. Claims for differing site conditions typically consider the following issues:

  • The condition existed prior to executing the contract.
  • The condition is physical and is at the construction site.
  • The condition differed materially from the conditions in the contract documents.
  • The contractor’s interpretation of the contract documents was reasonable.
  • The contractor relied upon the contract documents and the conditions encountered at the site.
  • The contractor suffered damages due to the differing site conditions.

Typically, construction contract documents require contractors to inspect the project site prior to bidding to ensure an understanding of the existing site conditions. However, the site visit often occurs while the facility is operating, and access for detailed measurements or inspections may not be permitted or possible for safety and security reasons. In such cases, the site visit is general in nature. Additionally, there are often conditions that cannot be determined by an initial site inspection, such as when the owner provides a geological/soil survey that turns out to be incorrect, or a situation where there was no reasonable way for either party to know what hidden conditions existed.

Assisting with Differing Site Conditions Litigation and Arbitration

e-basel Consulting assists with differing site conditions-related litigation and arbitration cases by providing independent expert analysis and opinions of the issues and damages on behalf of owners, contractors, architects, designers, or other parties. Analyzing a differing site conditions claim typically involves reviewing the conditions as represented in the bid and contract documents and comparing them to conditions actually encountered at the site. In addition, a successful claim should consider the contract language regarding differing site conditions .

e-basel Consulting can serve in either a consulting expert or testifying expert role with regard to litigation and arbitration involving differing site condition claims. As a consulting expert, Interface Consulting works with attorneys and project personnel to provide preliminary independent analysis prior to trial or arbitration. As a testifying expert, Interface Consulting can provide the necessary expert analysis, comprehensive written reports as required by the particular dispute forum, testify in court or arbitration, and provide additional support services as needed.

e-basel construction experts provide the following services relative to differing site conditions-related litigation and arbitration:

  • Expert report and analysis
  • Litigation support
  • Expert testimony
  • Site inspection and investigation
  • Drawing and survey analysis
  • Damage quantification
  • Delay and disruption analysis
  • Trial or arbitration graphics and demonstrative exhibits

At E-Basel, we have a team of construction experts who specialize in providing support for differing site conditions-related litigation and arbitration. We understand that these types of disputes can be complex and challenging, and we are equipped to provide the following services to help our clients navigate them:

  1. Site investigation and analysis: Our experts can conduct a thorough investigation of the construction site to identify any differing site conditions that may have caused or contributed to the dispute.
  2. Contract analysis: We can review and analyze the contract documents to determine the rights and obligations of the parties regarding differing site conditions.
  3. Risk assessment: Our experts can assess the risks associated with the differing site conditions and their impact on the project schedule and budget.
  4. Expert witness testimony: We can provide expert witness testimony in support of our clients’ positions in litigation or arbitration.
  5. Claims preparation and defense: Our experts can assist clients in preparing and defending claims related to differing site conditions.
  6. Cost analysis: We can perform cost analyses to determine the actual costs incurred as a result of the differing site conditions and apportion responsibility between the parties.
  7. Negotiation and settlement: Our experts can assist clients in negotiating settlements of differing site condition disputes.

At E-Basel, we are committed to providing our clients with high-quality services and support throughout the litigation and arbitration process. Contact us today to learn more about how our construction experts can assist you with differing site conditions-related disputes.



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