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Why Use e-basel

Why Use e-basel Administered Arbitration Rules for your Commercial Disputes?

We understand your needs. E-basel rules were created by users, for users—so we’ve been you, we get you and we’ve got you covered. Your corporate dispute is stressful enough. Whether for an administered matter or any number of other services that e-basel offers, let our experienced and insightful staff guide you through the process. E-basel: It’s good for business.

Quality Not all rules are the same, Expert & arbitrator is distinguished and dynamic, increasingly diverse and responsive, adjusting in real time to meet the continuously changing needs of our users. And e-basel offers personalized, concierge-level consulting and case management services, by highly experienced.

  • Quality comes from experience over the year.
  • Parties remain in control of the process.
  • Peer-reviewed and cutting-edge rules, protocols and clauses.
  • E-basel arbitrators possess superior process and subject matter qualifications. Specialty panels with arbitrators specialized to resolve many types of disputes.
  • Arbitrator selection options are available, including default option empowering each side to select an arbitrator for three-person tribunal unless parties opt for a sole arbitrator
  • Cases are managed by highly experienced, accessible and multilingual engineers & attorneys.
  • E-basel’s Arbitration Committee demonstrates continued thought leadership and innovation in the field adapting the rules and developing protocols and guidelines to constantly improve the quality of arbitration.

Efficiency and Lower Costs You may have heard that arbitration isn’t all that different from litigation—that it takes too long and costs almost as much. Well, not all arbitrations are the same. E-basel has addressed many of the criticisms and concerns people may have about arbitration.

  • Time is money—e-basel’s Rules have been designed to increase efficiencies, lowering overall costs, benefitting all parties.
  • Easy commencement process—No cumbersome paper filing requirements.
  • Rapid appointment of the Tribunal – It typically takes 2-4 weeks for the Tribunal to be appointed from the time of filing, but it can be expedited.
  • Efficient timeline with built-in benchmarks and accountability.
  • Arbitrators are free to set up their fees on a case by case basis but must disclose their rates up front during the selection process.

Integrity e-basel offers integrity, neutrality and a commitment to the rule of law, to ensure a fair and just process for all parties to the arbitration.

  • Arbitrators must be independent and neutral—No exceptions.
  • Arbitrators must disclose potential conflicts of interest and their availability up front during the selection process.
  • Innovative and award winning “Screened Selection Process” available—Arbitrators can be selected without knowing which party made the selection to enhance neutrality and independence
  • Unlike other providers, broad confidentiality applies to all participants: parties, arbitrators.
  • Awards must be written and reasoned.

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