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Founder & Director


Basel Al Najjar

BSc Eng, PMP,

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Project Manager | Claim Advisor | Adjudicator | Expert | Arbitrator.

Founder & Director | Basel AL Najjar

Founder & Director | Basel AL Najjar

Basel serves as the Director of e-basel Engineering Consultant, Arbitration and Law. He has 19+ years of extensive experience in dealing with engineering consultancy, and construction projects in Dubai UAE and GCC countries, alongside advising and writing on Arbitration, construction management and construction law with special expertise in FIDIC.

Basel’s passion is to see a project through from early design to construction completion with an emphasis on project delivery, quality control and a strong focus on implementation of good design in construction.

Basel, has deep knowledge and experience in resolving Engineering Disputes, International Arbitration, and litigation support for construction claim.


Basel, has a highest level of engineering and construction experience to systematically deal with contractual, delay and/ or disruption problems that crop up at any stage of the development and construction process.

Basel can investigate. Test, analyze, and provide opinions on various building system, which include residential building, offices, and commercial buildings.

Basel can develop opinions, give recommendations, and share ideas about urban planning, utilities distribution, and infrastructure.

Fields of Experience

1- Engineering Experience :

More than 19 years of experience in Engineering and arbitration, covering almost all the fields of Engineering. Worked on individual buildings , and on large redevelopment schemes. And I worked in both Design and Supervision field.

Area of Experience:

  • Manage the consultation process required under the FIDIC Contract and actively take part in this process on the major claims.
  • Manage and assist specialist consultants and legal advisors in the preparation of submissions for the Dispute Adjudication Board.
  • Successfully mediated many cases.
  • Determining of a dispute or the settling of differences between parties.

2- Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Claim for additional construction cost. 
  • Claim for damages. 
  • Multi-party proceedings. :assisted contractor clients engaged in multi-party litigation to reach a settlement by mediation.  This averted the prospect of years of litigation, with associated unrecoverable cost and drain on management time.
  • During construction. :advised employer clients engaged in a construction contract who were in dispute with their contractor.  Engaging in mediation with the
  • Expert Determination. 
  • advised contractor clients subject to an Expert Determination in a Authority jurisdiction.


Arbitration Training

Completed and Passed Courses in Arbitration :  2012

1)- Definition of Arbitration – Foundation.

2)- The Second Training Course in Arbitration – The Moderation.

3)- Arbitration Procedure, and UAE Arbitration Code.

4)- Engineering Arbitration , Fidic Procedure.

5) – Construction Law – Canada.

6) – Construction Contract Preparation and Management – Canada.

Engineering Courses:

 Accredited by Society of Engineers –UAE:

1)- Construction Claims and Disputes Resolution.

2)- Construction Contract Management.

3)- Course in Introduction to FIDIC.

4)- The New FIDIC Red Book Contracts 99.

5)- Engineering Arbitration.

6)- Course in Introduction to Arab Institute & RAK arbitration center.

7)- Diploma in Islamic and commerce arbitration – Sharjah University.

Seminar Conducted :

  • Construction Claims & Disputes Management.
  • Introduction to Green Buildings Specifications in Dubai.
  • Arbitration Procedures & Management.


Experience in Arbitration

Experience in ADR & Arbitration:

Extensive Arbitration Experience: Expertise in ADR and Dispute Resolution


Basel AL Najjar’s extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and arbitration is a testament to his deep understanding of the intricacies involved in resolving complex legal disputes. His expertise spans a wide range of areas, including expert reports, field inspection reports, construction claims, and handling arbitration cases in commercial, real estate, and civil matters. Let’s delve into Basel AL Najjar’s notable experience in ADR and arbitration, highlighting the diverse aspects of his professional journey.

1. Expert Report: Bridging Knowledge and Analysis

Basel AL Najjar’s proficiency in preparing expert reports in both Arabic and English is a cornerstone of his arbitration practice. With a meticulous approach and in-depth knowledge, he synthesizes complex technical information and presents it in a comprehensive manner. Expert reports serve as vital tools in arbitration proceedings, providing objective analyses, opinions, and evidence to support a party’s position. Basel AL Najjar’s ability to bridge the gap between technical expertise and clear analysis strengthens his role as a trusted expert in arbitration cases.

2. Field Inspection Report: Unveiling Crucial Evidence

In certain arbitration cases, a thorough examination of the site and physical evidence becomes essential for reaching fair and just conclusions. Basel AL Najjar’s field inspection reports play a crucial role in uncovering relevant evidence and shedding light on the factual aspects of a dispute. By conducting meticulous on-site inspections, documenting observations, and analyzing findings, Basel AL Najjar’s field inspection reports provide valuable insights that contribute to the resolution of complex construction-related disputes.

3. ADR and Construction Claims: Navigating Complexity

Basel AL Najjar’s experience in ADR and construction claims showcases his ability to navigate the complexities inherent in resolving disputes outside the traditional courtroom setting. ADR methods, such as negotiation, mediation, and conciliation, offer alternative avenues for parties to reach mutually acceptable resolutions. Basel AL Najjar’s expertise in ADR equips him with the skills to facilitate constructive dialogue, mediate conflicts, and guide parties towards effective solutions. Additionally, his proficiency in handling construction claims empowers him to analyze and evaluate claims, identify their merits, and propose equitable resolutions.

4. Arbitration in Commercial, Real Estate, and Civil Cases: Ensuring Fairness

Basel AL Najjar’s experience in handling arbitration cases spans diverse areas, including commercial, real estate, and civil matters. Arbitration, as a formal process for resolving legal disputes, provides parties with a neutral forum and an alternative to traditional litigation. Basel AL Najjar’s expertise in arbitration ensures that the proceedings are conducted in a fair, efficient, and legally sound manner. By applying his comprehensive understanding of relevant laws, regulations, and industry practices, Basel AL Najjar contributes to the resolution of complex disputes in commercial, real estate, and civil domains.


Basel AL Najjar’s profound experience in ADR and arbitration demonstrates his adeptness in navigating complex legal disputes. Through the preparation of expert reports, field inspection reports, and handling arbitration cases in diverse areas, such as commercial, real estate, and civil matters, Basel AL Najjar showcases his ability to provide objective analysis, uncover crucial evidence, and facilitate fair resolutions. His expertise in ADR and construction claims further strengthens his role as a trusted professional in dispute resolution. Clients can rely on Basel AL Najjar’s extensive experience to guide them through the intricacies of arbitration, ensuring that their interests are protected and equitable outcomes are achieved.

Professional Membership

  • Professional Memberships and Accreditations: Strengthening Expertise and Trust


    Basel AL Najjar, a distinguished professional in the construction industry, has garnered an impressive array of memberships and accreditations that further validate his expertise and commitment to excellence. These affiliations demonstrate his dedication to staying updated with the latest industry developments and his continuous pursuit of professional growth. Let’s delve into the professional memberships and accreditations that Basel AL Najjar holds, highlighting their significance in reinforcing his capabilities and establishing trust among clients and peers.

    Member in Society of Engineers: Embracing Engineering Excellence

    Basel AL Najjar’s membership in the Society of Engineers is a testament to his dedication to engineering excellence. This prestigious professional organization serves as a platform for engineers to collaborate, exchange knowledge, and advance their professional skills. By being a member, Basel AL Najjar stays connected with the engineering community, keeping himself abreast of emerging trends, best practices, and technological advancements. This membership underscores his commitment to upholding the highest standards in engineering practices and delivering exceptional results to clients.

    Member in DIAC- Arbitrator: Expertise in Dispute Resolution

    As a member and arbitrator in the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC), Basel AL Najjar showcases his proficiency in resolving construction-related disputes. DIAC, renowned for its credibility and efficiency, provides a platform for fair and impartial dispute resolution. By being a member and arbitrator, Basel AL Najjar demonstrates his in-depth understanding of arbitration procedures and his ability to navigate complex legal matters. This accreditation bolsters his credibility as a trusted expert in resolving construction disputes, instilling confidence in his clients.

    Member in Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Centre: Trusted Expertise

    Basel AL Najjar’s membership and registration as an “Expert” and “Arbitrator” in the Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Centre (Tahkeem) further solidify his standing as a trusted expert in the field. Tahkeem, known for its professionalism and adherence to international arbitration standards, provides a reliable platform for resolving commercial disputes. Basel AL Najjar’s inclusion as a member and registered expert and arbitrator reflects his profound knowledge of commercial arbitration and his capability to deliver impartial and effective resolutions. Clients can trust in his expertise to navigate complex commercial disputes efficiently.

    Member in Ajman Arbitration Centre: Contributing to Dispute Resolution

    Basel AL Najjar’s membership and registration as an “Expert” and “Arbitrator” in the Ajman Arbitration Centre underscore his active involvement in dispute resolution processes. The Ajman Arbitration Centre serves as a trusted platform for resolving disputes in the Emirate of Ajman. By being a member and registered expert and arbitrator, Basel AL Najjar reinforces his commitment to contributing to the resolution of construction disputes in Ajman. His expertise and understanding of local regulations and practices make him a valuable asset in ensuring fair and just outcomes for all parties involved.

    Member in RAK Arbitration Centre: Facilitating Fair Resolutions

    Basel AL Najjar’s membership in the RAK Arbitration Centre further exemplifies his dedication to facilitating fair resolutions in construction-related disputes. The RAK Arbitration Centre is renowned for its commitment to providing a transparent and efficient arbitration process. Basel AL Najjar’s membership highlights his readiness to engage in dispute resolution within the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, further expanding his reach and impact in the industry. Clients can trust in his expertise and integrity to guide them through the arbitration process and achieve equitable outcomes.

    Registered “Expert” and “Arbitrator” in Ajman Court: Legal Proficiency

    Basel AL Najjar’s registration as an “Expert” and “Arbitrator” in the Ajman Court reflects his legal proficiency and recognition by the judicial system. This accreditation showcases his ability to provide expert opinions and insights within the legal framework of Ajman. Basel AL Najjar’s registration in the Ajman Court solidifies his role as a trusted authority in construction-related matters, ensuring that his expertise is acknowledged and valued in legal proceedings.


    Basel AL Najjar’s professional memberships and accreditations serve as strong pillars supporting his expertise and credibility in the construction industry. His membership in the Society of Engineers, DIAC, Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Centre, Ajman Arbitration Centre, and RAK Arbitration Centre showcases his commitment to professional growth, dispute resolution, and adherence to legal frameworks. With his registrations as an “Expert” and “Arbitrator” in the Ajman Court, Basel AL Najjar’s legal proficiency is further reinforced. Clients and peers can place their trust in Basel AL Najjar’s capabilities, knowing that he possesses the necessary expertise and qualifications to deliver exceptional results and ensure fair and just outcomes in the realm of construction and dispute resolution.



The Power of a Well-Equipped Team in Delivering Exceptional Results


In any successful endeavor, having a competent and diversified team is of paramount importance. Basel AL Najjar, a prominent figure in the industry, understands this concept well and has assembled a group of highly qualified professionals to assist him in his endeavors. This team comprises individuals with expertise in various fields, including construction management, law, planning, delay analysis, and quantity surveying. By harnessing the collective knowledge and experience of these team members, Basel AL Najjar ensures that each case receives the attention it deserves and achieves the highest possible standards. Let’s take a closer look at the other team members and their invaluable contributions.

Construction Managers: Orchestrating Success

Construction managers play a pivotal role in ensuring that projects are executed smoothly from start to finish. With their comprehensive knowledge of construction processes and industry best practices, they oversee every aspect of the project, from planning and resource allocation to on-site coordination and quality control. By leveraging their expertise, Basel AL Najjar’s team can streamline operations, minimize delays, and deliver projects on time and within budget.

Lawyers: Safeguarding Legal Compliance

Navigating the legal landscape is crucial in the construction industry, as it is rife with regulations, contracts, and potential disputes. The team’s lawyers specialize in construction law, ensuring that all activities undertaken by Basel AL Najjar and his team are in full compliance with legal requirements. They draft and review contracts, negotiate favorable terms, and provide expert advice to safeguard the interests of their clients. By having legal experts on board, the team minimizes legal risks and protects their clients’ rights throughout the project lifecycle.

Planners: Paving the Path to Success

Effective project planning sets the foundation for a successful outcome. The team’s planners possess a deep understanding of project management methodologies and utilize advanced tools to create comprehensive project plans. They meticulously chart project milestones, identify critical paths, and allocate resources optimally. By employing strategic planning techniques, Basel AL Najjar’s team maximizes efficiency, minimizes wastage, and ensures that projects progress smoothly, meeting or even surpassing client expectations.

Delay Analysts: Mitigating Setbacks

Delays are an unfortunate reality in the construction industry and can have far-reaching consequences. That is why Basel AL Najjar’s team includes delay analysts who specialize in identifying, analyzing, and mitigating project delays. These experts meticulously review project schedules, assess the impact of any disruptions, and propose effective strategies to minimize the adverse effects. By proactively addressing potential delays, the team can keep projects on track, avoiding costly setbacks and maintaining client satisfaction.

Quantity Surveyors: Balancing Costs and Quality

Balancing costs and quality is a delicate yet critical aspect of any construction project. The team’s quantity surveyors bring their expertise in cost management, ensuring that projects remain financially viable without compromising on quality. They estimate costs, monitor expenditure, and identify opportunities for cost optimization. With their keen eye for detail and extensive knowledge of construction materials and methods, the quantity surveyors contribute to maintaining the highest possible standards while keeping projects within budget.


Basel AL Najjar’s team comprises a diverse group of professionals who excel in their respective domains. By harnessing the collective expertise and experience of construction managers, lawyers, planners, delay analysts, and quantity surveyors, the team ensures the highest possible standards in their work. Each team member is assigned tasks that align with their specific expertise, enabling them to contribute effectively to the success of each case. With such a well-equipped team in place, Basel AL Najjar can confidently deliver exceptional results, consistently outranking other competitors in the industry.

Would you like to inquire about our services or you need further information about our team qualifications, executed projects or fee arrangement, please email us or fill out the form below and we’ll get right back to you within one business day with the information.

Q1: What is the contact method for inquiring about your services or obtaining further information?

A1: You can either email us directly or fill out the form below to get in touch with us. We strive to provide a prompt response within one business day.

Q2: How long does it typically take to receive a response after contacting your team?

A2: We aim to provide a response within one business day after receiving your inquiry via email or the contact form.

Q3: Where can I find information about your team’s qualifications?

A3: For detailed information about our team’s qualifications, we recommend contacting us directly through email or the provided contact form. Our team will be glad to share the relevant details with you.

Q4: Can you provide examples of previously executed projects?

A4: To obtain information about our previously executed projects, please reach out to us via email or the contact form. We will be happy to share relevant examples and discuss our past work with you.

Q5: How can I obtain information about the fee arrangement for your services?

A5: If you would like to inquire about our fee arrangement, please send us an email or fill out the contact form below. Our team will provide you with the necessary details and discuss the fee structure according to your specific requirements.

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