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Litigation & Arbitration

Litigation & Arbitration

Alternative Dispute Resolution 

You may have encountered an arbitration clause in a contract and wondered what it is and whether you should be happy or upset about this clause. Some contracts may contain a mandatory arbitration clause, which states that all disputes must be handled by arbitration.



Companies and their legal counsel retain e-basel Consulting’s construction expert witnesses during all phases of construction litigation and arbitration, from the initial filing for defining issues and strategy, through documentation management and discovery, to comprehensive damage analysis, opinions, and expert testimony. Clients turn to e-basel Consulting for the best resolution in and out of the courtroom. Our clients acknowledge the firm’s valuable insight into complex engineering and construction disputes and its successful track record.


Legal teams depend on e-basel Consulting because of its well-qualified engineering and construction consultants and experienced testifying experts. They recognize the strategic advantage and value the firm brings to each case. Our project teams have diverse capabilities and expertise that enable us to address each client’s varied and complex issues with a thorough understanding of the unique demands of construction litigation. Whether the expert requirement is highly technical, quantitatively complex, or overwhelmingly difficult, e-basel Consulting’s industry-respected experts understand complicated concepts and deliver cost effective, timely results tailored to the client’s needs. Our engineering and construction experts testify in UAE ; various dispute review boards; and numerous arbitration centers, we also serve as arbitrators.

In addition to our diversified engineering staff, e-basel Consulting is comprised of various specialty consultants that assist attorneys with the preparation and presentation of cases, including graphic artists and information technology professionals. The firm’s graphics department designs and develops high impact graphics, presentations, and demonstrative evidence to simplify construction themes for claims and dispute resolution, not only for our consulting and expert work but also directly for attorneys.

e-basel offer comprehensive services for a myriad of construction-related issues, assisting clients and testifying as follows:

  • Prudence Evaluation Experts
  • International Arbitration Construction Experts
  • Labor Productivity Experts
  • Schedule Delay Experts
  • Damage Quantification Experts
  • Design and Construction Defect Experts
  • Acceleration Experts
  • Suspension and Termination Experts
  • Force Majeure Experts
  • Differing Site Conditions Experts
  • Construction Change Experts



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