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About e-basel.com | e-basel Engineering Consulting & Lawyers

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MBN | e-basel.com

e-basel, We are a group of professionals ( Engineers & Lawyers ) having deep knowledge and experience in resolving Engineering Disputes, International Arbitration, and litigation support for  construction claims .

 Under the Leadership of Mr. Mohamad Basel Al Najjar,  Engineering Expert &  Arbitrator, Specialized in Engineering Disputes.


What Can e-basel.com Do For You?

We have the highest level of engineering and construction experience to systematically deal with contractual, delay and/or disruption problems that crop up at any stage of the development and construction process. We have the crucial engineering and legal expertise to get to the root of a complex problem, whether it is about design, construction, time, money or contractual matters. Our consultants have high levels of contractual and project management expertise to accurately evaluate and systematically document the cause, liability and impact of an often complex claim.

 To provide highly professional and timely Engineering Consultancy Services, expert witness ADR, and Arbitration  to our clients.

We are more than just an engineering consulting . We are experts with design, construction and legal issues.

We are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and the  staff is comprised of Civil Engineers and architects who are licensed, former construction executives , Experts, and Lawyers.

e-basel Expertise


e-basel Architectural Engineering Experts investigate, test, analyze and provide opinions on various building systems, which include Residential Building office and commercial buildings, interior finishes and site improvements.

We develop opinions, recommendations and cost estimates by thoroughly inspecting and testing building systems. In addition, our experts review and analyze construction contracts, building materials and products and related specifications, as well as building codes and standards of construction, industry and care.

Engineering Civil Expert Witnesses

Providing Legal Services to Law Firms and Lawyers

Whether you need our civil engineering services to review structural, construction, environmental, geotechnical or water resource and transportation events, we’re ready to assist you. Our civil engineers are the most respected in their field and have the depth of experience to provide a comprehensive investigation of structure, roof and water pipe collapse as well as provide assessments or investigations .

As a client of e-basel Engineering, you also benefit from our depth of knowledge and understanding of code standards and compliance.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Residential & Commercial Structural Evaluation

  • Collapse Investigation: Total and Partial Collapse

    • Bridge Collapse

    • Deck Collapse

    • Roof Collapse

    • Scaffolding Collapse

  • Foundation Settlement & Failure

  • Fire Damage Structural Assessment

  • Residential Roof Evaluations for Hail and Wind Damage

  • Transportation & Bridge Structures (Design/Construction Defect, Maintenance, Vehicle impact)

  • Construction Material Failures (Concrete, Steel, Wood, Plastics, Composites)

  • Construction Defects and Litigation Support

  • Code & Safety Compliance.

  • Construction Accident Investigation

  • Expert Witness & Litigation Support


If you are looking for an expert witness firm to assist in a construction or building system dispute or civil litigation, look no further. e-basel Engineering provides expert witness services in both of these areas and has experience with residential, commercial, institutional, governmental and industrial facilities.

We offer an extensive list of expert witness consulting services:

Construction Defect Expert Consulting

Construction Claims Consulting

Construction Cost Estimating & Cost Analysis

Professional Liability Expert Consulting

Litigation & ADR Support

System Design


Who’s in charge of this site?

Our experts have solid experience with various types of building projects, ranging from residential to industrial. The firm provides engineering and architectural expertise using a collaborative consulting approach, which includes analyzing building envelope design strategies and addressing energy efficiency, moisture management, durability and fire-life safely.

e-Basel.com has been established by Mr. Mohamad Basel Al Najjar.

To reach E-basel.com support, click on the Contact Us link. If you are a registered member, you can receive faster support by logging in to your E-basel.com account .

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